Leaders in Training

Are you a leader in training in Essex North East?
We appreciate your commitment and you will find yourself surrounded by people happy to help you e.g. your mentor, other leaders in your unit or District and our wealth of advisers at all levels.

Leader in Training process for Leader Development Programme (online)

1 Prospective Leader tells unit leader/commissioner that they want to become a
qualified leader.
2 If the prospective Leader’s role is Leader in Training on GO, commissioner
changes it to Unit Helper; if already Unit Helper, leave as it is; if it’s Young
Leader, leave as it is.
3 Prospective Leader completes either the quiz or the two trainings on the
Learning Platform – this is called the Becoming a Leader feeder training.
4 Once completed the prospective leader ticks the necessary boxes that follow on
from the quiz or trainings, and completes the self-reflection then speaks to her
commissioner about starting the Leader Development Programme.
5 If the commissioner is happy about the person becoming a fully qualified unit
leader and being able to run her own unit**, then she changes her role to
Leader in Training on GO (unless under 18, when they stay as Young Leader) and
e-mails litco@girlguidingessexne.org.uk stating that they have completed the
feeder training and giving the trainee’s name and e-mail address.
6 The County Leader in Training (LiT) Co-ordinator then matches the trainee up
with a mentor and records it on a spreadsheet (and on GO if the trainee has
appeared on that list). The LiT Co-ordinator e-mails the trainee, mentor and
trainee’s commissioner to say who the mentor is.
7 Mentor makes contact with the trainee within two weeks of LiT Co-ordinator’s
e-mail to arrange first meeting.
8 Trainee completes the e-learnings, webinars, etc, keeping her mentor informed
of progress. When ready for a check in, she contacts the mentor to arrange
9 Mentor visits the unit to do the check in. Mentor and trainee both complete
the relevant parts of the check in form (different ones for each part of the LDP)
and the trainee uploads this to the Learning Platform – as a pdf, photo or
scanned document.
10 LiT Co-ordinator reviews the check in form and can accept or reject it. Reasons
will be given for rejection. If accepted, that part of the LDP is marked as
complete and an e-mail sent to the trainee congratulating her and asking what
colour and size of Leader polo shirt she would like. LiT Co-ordinator orders this
from County Badge Secretary, stating whether it is for direct delivery to trainee
or for collection.
11 Steps 8 – 10 repeat for each part of the LDP (except the polo shirt bit!). On the
final check in, the LDP is complete and County Office will issue the certificate
(and badge, if there is one). GO is automatically updated to show the
qualification is complete. Commissioner is notified of the completion and
changes the trainee’s role to Leader.