Expenses and Grants

County Expenses

Commissioners claim from the respective Districts/Divisions/County to which they are appointed.

In addition, Commissioners should claim travelling expenses from the County:
When attending County Executive meetings, or similar events on behalf of their Division.
When attending meetings where they are carrying out other county duties, visiting on behalf of the county, etc.
The mileage rate is 45p per mile. Claim forms are available from the Forms page of the website. Claims must be submitted promptly, with any receipts attached. Failure to provide adequate receipts may result in a claim being rejected.

New Leaders Uniform Vouchers

A voucher for £25 is issued with the new leadership pack for leaders to redeem against uniform purchase at any of the County’s Trading Depots. The depots will then send the vouchers to the County Treasurer for reimbursement.

Long Service Awards

The cost of Long Service Award brooches is met as follows:

County 20, 30 and 40 years
Division 10 years
District 5 years

Hardship Fund

The Hardship Fund is a one off discretionary source of financial help available to units/individuals who belong to Girlguiding Essex North East. The aim of the fund is to help units, districts, divisions and individuals who are having difficulties in paying Annual Subscriptions, Unit activity resources, Rent or Debt.

Trefoil Guild Unit Starter Pack

Your Starter Pack is made up of your choice of items up to the value of £40, which will be provided by Trefoil Guild.
The application for a Starter Pack must be received in the Trefoil Guild Office within six months of your first unit meeting.
Your local guild will deliver your Pack and may be happy to keep in touch and be able to give you further help or equipment.
Please note:
Your Starter Pack CANNOT include badges or uniform, or regional publications which should be purchased direct from the country or region.
No application will be accepted if the unit has received £50 or more in other grants, with the exception of a unit receiving grants from Girlguiding.