Volunteer Recognition Awards

Essex North East has an Awards Committee which considers any recommendations that are put forward. A nomination form should be completed and must be made without the knowledge of the nominee or her relatives. The Awards Committee will decide which award is most suitable.

Nomination Form - click here

Please complete this form if you wish to nominate a volunteer for an award. The Awards Committee will decide which is most suitable

Jack Petchey Awards

Click here to find out more about the Jack Petechey Awards Scheme for leaders working with and girls aged 11+.

Young Persons Awards

Click here to find out more about the awards available for young members

Thanks Badge

The Thanks badge (either a brooch or a lapel pin) is given to either a member or non-member of Girlguiding UK as a sign of appreciation for their support.

A Thanks Badge may only be given to a member of the Trefoil Guild if they have given service specifically to Girlguiding UK.

Good Service Brooch

The Good Service brooch may be given to an adult, who is a member of Girlguiding UK or a Branch Association, for excellent service to guiding in the County, by the County Commissioner, although recommendations may come from anyone.  To be eligible for a Good Service brooch the nominee must either hold a current member and recognised volunteer card or have completed a role no more than six months before the application is made.  The Good Service brooch is accompanied by a certificate.

Essex Award for Outstanding Service

This award is specific to the three Essex Guiding counties and is given for outstanding service and a considerable contribution, over a period of time, to Girlguiding in Essex.


This is given to members of Girlguiding Essex North East who you feel deserve a special thank you.

Region and National Discretionary Awards

There are also Anglia and National Guiding awards that recommendations can be accepted for and the ENE Awards Committee will assess these and endorse them if appropriate. These include The Anglia Brooch, the Laurel Award and Silver Fish for outstanding service, probably in more than one role.

County Commissioner's Certificate and Badge

This is awarded for Good Service to Girlguiding in Essex North East.

County Commissioner’s Commendation and Badge

This is awarded in recognition of a specific act.

County Commissioner’s Thank You Certificate and Badge

This is awarded to say thank you for a particular event or piece of service.