County Executive

The Executive Committee to promotes and develops the principles, policy and organisation of The Guide Association as laid down in The Guiding Manual.


Voting Members

The County Commissioner
The Assistant County Commissioner(s) – up to two
The Division Commissioners, where a job share one Commissioner will be a nominated trustee and vote
(Where a Division does not have a Commissioner the Division Executive Team shall nominate a voting member for approval by the County Commissioner)
The County Treasurer



All voting members are the charity trustees of the County in accordance with the provisions of the Charities Acts.

A Trustee may benefit from trustee indemnity insurance cover purchased at the charity’s expense in accordance with, and subject to the conditions in section 189 of the Charities Act 2011


Non-Voting Members

County President
The County Trefoil Guild Chairman
The County Minutes Secretary
The County Guiding Development Adviser: Training
A County representative of the youth members aged 18-30
The County PR Marketing and Communications Adviser
The Recruitment and Retention Adviser
The County Arts Adviser
The County Outdoor Activities Adviser
The County International Adviser
The County Awards Committee Chair
Other Advisors or Co-ordinators appointed to the Committee by the County Commissioner and whose appointments are ratified by the County Committee

ENE Constitution